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For June-2011

Note: Answer any two Questions from DCQ and any four from MCQ. Question No.13 is compulsory.

         Descriptive category questions (DCQ)

Answer any two of the following questions in about 500 words each. 20X2=40

1. Discuss various stages of tool making in human social evolution.

2. Write an essay on the global efforts at bringing peace in the world today.

3. What are the main legacies of the Indian national movement? Elaborate.

4. Discuss the main features of the post industrial society.

5. Have the economic reforms in India helped in integrated in India with the global economy. Discuss.

6. What were the factors that led to the growth of national consciences in India during the colonial rule?

7. Did the question of environment make any progress in the post Rio de Janeiro Summit Period? Discuss.

Middle category Question (M CQ)

Answer any four of the following questions in around 250 words each. 12X4=48

1. How do you view the role of education in inculcating values? Discuss.

2. What do you understand by digital divide? Explain.

3. Write a detailed note on the condition of the marginalized in Indian society.

4. Discuss the drain theory.

5. Discuss the emergence of Gandhi as a mass leader during the national movement.

6. Discuss the concept and significance of governance.

7. What are the functions performed by family as an institution?

8. What are the measures outlined by the 11th five year plan to ensure inclusive growth?

9. Discuss the Delors Report on education. Submitted to the U .N.

10. Discuss the concept of food security .Do you think it is a multi-dimension Phenomenon?

11. What do you understand by the term deindustrialization?

12. What are the basic objectives of the planning of India? Discuss.

13. Write a brief note on the modern Indian painting.

Short category questions (SCQ)

13. Write a short note any two of the following questions in abound 100 words each. 6+6

(a). Ajanta paintings.

(b). Swarna anad Taal in indian music.

(c). mixed economy.

(d).Regional style in Indian music.

(e). Demographic transition.

(f).De-notified tribe.

(g).Khilafat Movement.

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